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Indian nationals need to have a VISA to enter US.B-1/ B-2 VISA is for Medical, Tourism, Business purpose.

Understand complete Process in 7 simple Steps
Step-1: Fill the DS-160 Form. Generate unique number.

Let us bring more clarity....

  • Go to the link for filling DS-160 Form.
  • Select Location and then proceed as per instructions. Click on "Start an Application".
  • Get application ID (Unique number). Normally starts from AA00..........
  • Fill the form and get separate "Unique Number" for all the persons accompanying you in this application.

After submission, generate the “Confirmation SLIP” (Most important slip). Take a printout and keep it with safety...

Note: It’s a form only and not submission. Even if inadvertently make mistake....no worries.... fill again.....get new unique number.... there is as such no limits......(However the unique number must be noted down before proceeding.. There is not any method to retrieve the unique number if forgot).

Note: Again to remind that it’s a form only and not submission.

Step-2: Create an Account and subsequently Profile of applicant.

Use already generated "Unique number” to complete profile.

  • Create an account on USA VISA application link and create your Profile.
  • Put your “Unique number” (of main Applicant) and proceed.

Make sure there must not be any error.... If something went wrong... it will be a daunting task to edit it.

Step-3: Add applicants accompanying the main applicant.

Use already generated "Unique number” to complete profile.

Add applicants.

  • Add family members by giving their basic information and “Unique number of their application”.

Main applicant need not to add himself/ herself again. The profile created (Step-2) is for main applicant and “Add Member” is only to add other members.

Step-4: Generate payment Slip. Make payment.

Payment shall update in minimum 3 hours.

Recommended Mode of payment:

  • Bank NEFT: Try to make it by visiting Bank as account number given by US Embassy is Alpha-numeric and many banks not accept Alpha-numeric Bank account number for NEFT through Net-banking.
  • Cash Deposit: Payment can be made by cash at Axis or Citibank.
  • Again Log in into account (created in Step-2) and check the payment status.
  • Once payment get updated in system, proceed further.

Payment details shall automatically get updated in profile (Created in Step-2) say after 3-4 hours. If delayed, don`t panic. Wait for another 10-12 hours....don`t make payment again.. (its non-refundable).

Step-5: Take appointment for Biometric information submission and for Interview

(Date of Biometric should be earlier to the date of interview)

  • On left hand side of screen, earliest date of “Appointment” can be seen.
  • Take Biometric Information submission appointment on date earlier to the Interview date.
  • Take Interview date.


Print Appointment Letter. It will consist of Members details, payment details, appointment date and time (with location) for Biometric information submission for Interview.

Step-6: Appear for Biometric details:

  • Appear for submission of Biometric information at OFC Centre.
  • Take Original passport, printout of “Confirmation page” & “Appointment Letter” with you.


You shall give your Biometric Information only. No Interview or submission of any document shall be there.

Step-7: Appear for Interview.

Appear for Interview at US Embassy:
  • Reach 30 minutes prior to Interview time.
  • Take all papers with you like: documents certifying you Financial and your personal credentials (as per details filled in DS-160), Confirmation Page, Appointment Letter and of course: Original passport.

Note: Mobile phones are not allowed at US Embassy. Further, there is no storage place so better not to bring any such electronic device with you at the time of Interview. Further, parking facility also not available there. Hire a cab to be there on time.

Get the result of interview instantaneously...

It will be a 3-4 minutes general discussion type interview where Embassy officials try to ascertain your eligibility to allocate VISA, primarily based on your credentials and purpose of Visit explained in DS-160.

If stands lucky, collect the Passport with VISA from OFC after say 5-6 days.

If stands lucky collect your passport from OFC centre say, after 5-6 days. You will get an e-mail in this regards. In other case, Passport shall be handed over to you at the time of Interview...

For any additional information, please contact Team Flyjos on 0120-4566653. We shall assist you in getting more information on this process.

Important Note: Air tickets and Hotel Vouchers not required to apply for USA VISA.

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Basic Interview Questions:

There is comprehensive list of questions that can be asked, however, most of the question depends upon details filled in DS-160 form and credentials defined thereof. We are listing few basic questions:
  1. What is your job profile?
  2. Your company name and work description?
  3. What is the purpose of visit? Locations?
  4. Why this time? and also how you have chosen informed dates?
  5. Do you know somebody at USA?
  6. If Businessman; Income last year? Tax paid last year? monthly Tax/ Monthly Sales? No of staff?
  7. Which place are you planning to visit
  8. how long do you plan to stay in the USA
  9. how will you finance you trip
  10. have you travelled to other countries before

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