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With 3 months validity, 90 days stay allowed

Processing Time: 6-7 days

Fee INR (approx.)
Embassy: 5000
Flyjos: 1000


With 6/12 months validity, 90 days stay (per entry) allowed

Processing Time: 6-7 days

Fee INR (approx.)
Embassy: 12,000
Flyjos: 1000

  • Business visa is issued for a foreigner whose purpose of visit is Business dealings etc.
  1. Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months with two opposite blank pages
  2. Visa Application Form completely filled in and signed by applicant
  3. Two recent photograph of 3.5 x 4.5 cm., not older than 3 months with white background, face and eyes are in direct position to the camera, without sunglasses or hat
  4. Confirmed tickets in and out of Thailand
  5. Accommodation: Evidence of confirmed hotel/accommodation reservation in Thailand with address and contact number under applicant’s name.
  6. Note: If intend to stay with Thai relatives or Thai friends, must provide invitation letter along with a copy of their Thai ID proof
  • Original letter from employer/ company indicating intention for travelling with name of Thai company or organization (counterpart)
  • Proof of residence in India (if not Indian national)
  • Proof of membership in an Indian trade organization/ association (for multiple entries)
  • Proof of regular business dealing with the said Thai company (for multiple entries)
Evidence from Company in Thailand
  • Original invitation letter from company in Thailand (must be typed in company’s letter head and signed by authorized person)
  • Original WP. 3 or Thor Tor 3 from Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour or Visa approval letter from Board of Investment (BOI); if the duration of stay exceeds 15 days (Document must be in Thai language.)
  • Project's / Assignment's contract indicating rationale and the terms of contract, e.g. position and duration of contract; if the duration of stay exceeds 15 days.
  • Company Business License (document must be in Thai language.)
  • Certificate of business registration with list of shareholders; issued no more than 6 months (Document must be in Thai language.)
  • Statement of Income Tax and Business Tax (Por Ngor Dor 50 and Por Por 30) from past year (Document must be in Thai language.)
  • Balance sheet from past year (Document must be in Thai language.)
  • Original Bank Passbook or Bank statement (SIX months) (must be attested by the bank) having a minimum balance equivalent to $700
  • International Health Certificate on Yellow Fever Vaccination for applicants travelling from 45 countries
  • Evidence of monthly income. Such as : Income Tax Returns, Pay slips, letter from employer certifying employment etc.

Incentive Tours

In case of group of travel guaranteed by private travel agent or sponsored by public/private corporate. However, the agent/corporate must issue a guarantee/sponsor letter which is signed by authorized person and attached with the list of group members citing details (name and passport details of each individual, confirmed return flight information and hotel reservation of the group.

Proof of adequate finance under the company’s name should be submitted along with guarantee/sponsor letter when the tour is guaranteed by private travel agent or sponsored by public/private corporate and company's business registration

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