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Indian nationals need to have a VISA to enter MALAYSIA. Types of VISA(s) are as follows:


Embassy Fee (INR): 1560*

Flyjos Fee (INR): 940

Total Fee (INR): 2500

Single Entry

Stay: 15 Days

Validity: 3 months

Processing time: 1 Hour*

Online Submission/ e-VISA


Please also refer Note 1


Embassy Fee (approx): 3000

Flyjos Fee (INR): 1500

Total Fee (INR): 4500

Multiple Entry

Stay: 30 days

Validity: 3 months

Processing time: 3-4 days

Online Submission/ e-VISA


Please also refer Note 2

Sticker VISA

Embassy Fee: 5720

Flyjos Fee (INR): 2000

Total Fee (INR): 7720

Multiple Entry

Stay: up to 30 days

Validity: 3/ 6/ 12 months (Embassy Discretion)

Processing time: 5-6 days

Hard copy submission/ Sticker VISA


Please also refer Note 3

Business VISA

Embassy Fee(in INR): 5720 (Approx)

Flyjos Fee (INR): 2000

Total Fee (INR): 7720

Multiple Entry

Stay: :30 Day/Entry (Embassy Discretion)

Validity: 3 months

Processing time: 5-6 Days

Offline Submission/ Sticker VISA


Please also refer Note 4

Transit VISA

Embassy Fee: NIL

Flyjos Fee: NIL (Free guidance)

Total Fee : NIL

Single Entry

Stay: 120 hours

Validity: 120 Hours

Processing time: On arrival at Malaysia

Issuance at Malaysia Immigration point only


  • Arrival from Departure to India/ Thailand/ Singapore/ Brunei only
  • This is permitted to travel only. To get an entry, applicant needs to show prescribed documents to immigration officer at Malaysia.


  • For tourist purpose only and extension not allowed.
  • Indian residing abroad can also apply from their country of residence.


  • Social visit pass for social visits includes the purposes like Visiting Relatives, Tourism, Journalist/ Reporter, Attending Business Discussion, On goodwill mission for students or sitting for examinations in University, Taking part in sports competitions, Other activities approved by the Director General of Immigration.


  • Nowadays, Malaysia does not issue any Business visa. If the visit / trip is only for business meeting, discussion, negotiation etc, as long as the visit is not engaging any employment (paid or unpaid) you may enter the country by using tourist visa.

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Check price at any online portal and get upto INR 1000 discount on that price.*

VISA consultant Flyjos provides professional consultancy services to Indian applicants for applying Malaysia VISA. Indian national get the complete information about Malaysia VISA application, procedure to file VISA application. Our team shall guide about step-by-step information about this VISA application process. Team shall also provide other important details like Documents to be provided with application, Application Form, etc.

Data mining and IT team at Flyjos made best efforts to put details of documents requirement with Malaysia VISA application (for Indian Citizens) and all related information associated with application on a single platform. Motto is to maintain symmetry of information at one platform. Applicant for Malaysia VISA can get the precise information about Type of VISA/ respective procedure and further method of application before proceeding for Malaysia VISA application.

Further, terms and rules/ documents/ conditions associated with respective VISA application need to be appreciated by applicant so that all required information shall to be provided with VISA application. For any other details like Photo size, Embassy address, cost of VISA application, fee, Submission and collection timings, applicants can get information either from this website or by contacting Team Flyjos. Team of experts at Flyjos shall assist the Indian applicant to understand the process, selecting right VISA type and shall guide about documents requirement w.r.t. applicant financial and personal credentials. Further Team shall assist in scrutiny of documents and shall assist him/ her to understand the basic rules/ guidelines as prescribed by Embassy/ consulates. Team Flyjos work within the ambit of rules/ regulation defined by statutory authorities and only provides professional consultancy to its clients within India.