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Long Term VISA (D-Type)

Embassy Fee (INR): 15500(approx)*
+ Admin Fee*

Flyjos Fee (in INR): 3000

Note: Applicant presence (for Bio-metric) is mandate to submit.

Single/ Multiple Entry (Embassy Discretion)

Stay: up to 6 months
(Embassy Discretion)

Validity: up to 12 months (Embassy Discretion)

Processing time: 15-20 days (Submission by Appointment)

Hard copy submission/ Sticker VISA

Get the experts` advice on the process. Team Flyjos shall guide you throughout the process.
Please read T&C.

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General documents requirement for D-VISA:

  • National passport into which a visa can be affixed and which is valid for more than 12 months
  • Completed and signed national Belgian application form with 1 recent color photograph (5x3cm) with white background glued to the application form.
  • Copy of proof of payment of the contribution covering administrative costs. For applicable cost, please contact.
  • The document to choose the language in which you would like to be informed about the decision in your visa application.
  • Copy of the identity page of your passport.
  • Medical certificate (+1 copy) (through designated Medical professionals only) attesting that the applicant is not carrying any of the diseases which might endanger public health.
  • Certificate attesting to the lack of any convictions for crimes or offences under common law (+1 copy).
Documents for Visa D – WORK (more than 90 days):

For Work VISA, following documents (In addition) to be supplemented, wherever applicable:

  • Copy + original of your working permit/professional card
    • In case of working as an employee: original of work permit + 1 copy (the work-permit or exception of work-permit has to be applied by the future employer in Belgium with the Regional Ministry of Employment).
    • In case of working on a self-employed basis: original of professional card + 1 copy.
    Documents for Student VISA:

    For Student VISA, following documents (In addition) to be supplemented, wherever applicable:

    • Original registration at an officially recognized educational establishment * (school or university) in Belgium, mentioning one of the following (+1 copy).
      • A definite enrolment.
      • A (temporary) admission to the studies.
      • An inscription to the entrance exam.
    • Proof that you satisfy the conditions for access to higher education (diploma, academic record, attestation that account is being taken of the application for equivalence or decision or dispatch of equivalence).
    • Sufficient financial means can be proven by “one of the following” means:
      • Financial certificate from the University which mentions that a certain amount for the living expenses has already been deposited.
      • Loan agreement contract signed by both parties.
      • Sufficient proof of personal financial means.
      • Original of Letter of guarantee model 32 + 1 copy (in specified format).

    Note: letter of guarantee is not required for students who are the beneficiaries of an official scholarship of minimum 642 €/month. The original proof of that scholarship (+ 1 copy) will be sufficient.

    • In case that the guarantor is a Belgian or a foreigner residing in Belgium.
      • letter of guarantee model 32, legalized by the city hall in Belgium where the guarantor resides (+ 1 copy).
      • Certificate of residence issued by the city hall in Belgium and/or a recto-verso copy of the identity card.
      • Family composition issued by the city hall in Belgium.
      • proof of regular and sufficient income of the guarantor of at least 1.179.65 Euro/month + 642 euro for the student + 150 Euro/month per person already at the charge of the guarantor (+ 1 copy).
    • In case that the guarantor is a Belgian or a foreigner residing abroad.
      • letter of guarantee model 32, legalized by The Belgian Embassy or Consulate in the country where the guarantor resides (+ 1 copy).
      • Copy of the bio-page of the passport and/or a copy of the residence permit.
      • proof of regular and sufficient income of the guarantor of at least 1.179.65 Euro/month + 642 euro for the student + 150 Euro/month per person already at the charge of the guarantor (+ 1 copy).

    Note: If the school is a private institute, additional documents must be provided.
    • The same documents will be required as for a student in a recognized institution (see above). However, in this case, the original ‘certificate by an officially recognized educational establishment’ must be replaced by an original ‘proof of enrolment in a Private School’.
    • Mandatory requirement is short interview with a member of the staff of the visa section Comments on sufficient language proficiency from the diplomatic mission where the application is filed will be taken in account.
    • For additional documents, please contact FLYJOS team.


    • The applicant has to submit his/her application by him/herself, to the Embassy, after taking appointment.
    • Please make TWO copies (legible) of all documents mentioned above (front and back). Documents have to be arranged in the above order and are to be submitted in 2 separate files.
    • The applicant needs to do all legalizations of official documents before submitting the visa application.
    • You should submit your application minimum 30 days before the foreseen travel date.
    • You can submit your application at the earliest three months before your planned visit.
    • Additional documents, even if not featured in the list above, may be required by the Embassy.
    • The administrative and visa fee is non-refundable if the visa is denied.

    How we can assist

    Detailed information about process, documents requirement and Embassy guidelines.
    Scrutiny of documents in line with Embassy guidelines.
    Personal Assistance while submitting the documents to Embassy/ Designated Centre.*
    Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).
    Regular updates about status.
    Professional guidance.

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