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  • Indian nationals need to have a VISA to enter Belgium.
  • Applicant need to come personally to give Biometric Information to Embassy/ Designated centre. (Note: If Bio-metric Information has been submitted in last 5 years (after Nov`2015) and VISA got approved that time, personal appearance may not required)

Short Term VISA (C-Type)

Single/ Multiple Entry (Embassy Discretion)

Stay: up to 3 months
(Embassy Discretion)

Validity: up to 6 months (Embassy Discretion)

Processing time: 15-20 days (Submission by Appointment)

Hard copy submission/ Sticker VISA

Note: Applicant presence (for Bio-metric) is mandate to submit.


Please also refer Note 1

C-type (Fees)

Embassy Fee (INR)

Age >12 years: 4980

Age 6-12 years: 2905

Age < 6 years: NIL

Other Fee (INR): 1411
(All age group)

Please note: "Other fee" payable for all age group

Flyjos Fee (INR):

  • Age > 6 years: 1500
  • Age < 6 years: 1000

Note: Flyjos consultancy fee is Included all Taxes.

Long Term VISA (D-Type)

Embassy Fee (INR): 9000*
*Based on Category applied for.

Flyjos Fee (in INR): 3000

Single/ Multiple Entry (Embassy Discretion)

Hard copy submission/ Sticker VISA

Note: Applicant presence (for Bio-metric) is mandate to submit.


Please also refer Note 2

Transit VISA

Citizen of INDIA doesn't need a visa valid for transit through the international transit areas of one or more airports of the Schengen Member States. If Traveller wants to cross immigration area, valid VISA (C/D TYPE) is required.
  • ATTENTION! Kindly note that should your transit route through Schengen consist of more than two stops you need a Visa C, even if you do not leave the airport.
  • Example: Flight from New Delhi - Vienna - Frankfurt - Chicago


In case of visit to more than one Schengen country, application shall be submitted to country that is the main destination or have Maximum Stay period. C-type Visa allows the entry for maximum 90 days stay in a timeframe of 180 days, starting with the date of first entry into the Schengen states.


A Visa D is a national Belgium Visa that can be issued for the duration of stay in Belgium between 91 and 180 days. This visa entitles the applicant for a stay/travel in the Schengen area for 90 from these 180 days.

New visa regulations starting on 02 March 2015 will oblige visa applicants to pay a handling fee directly in Belgium before applying for a visa. It is an administrative fee that comes above the normal visa fee and it is valid only for the D-visa (long stay).

  • VISITOR VISA: A Visitor visa is provided for those who are visiting family / friend in Belgium/ Other specified purpose by Embassy.
  • STUDENT VISA: Student visas are given to bona fide students to pursue regular studies at recognized institutions in Belgium for Study more than 90 days. Letter of guarantee is not required for students who are the beneficiaries of an official scholarship of minimum 642 €/month.
  • WORK VISA: This category applies to persons who wish to travel to Belgium for work more than 90 days. The applicant needs to do all legalization of official documents before submitting the VISA Application.

* Currently we are providing personal assistance during submission of documents in selected areas/ cities (Delhi/ NCR). Please contact Customer care to check if service available for your location. We are shorlty making our presence in all major Indian cities.

How we can assist

Detailed information about process, documents requirement and Embassy guidelines.
Scrutiny of documents in line with Embassy guidelines.
Personal Assistance while submitting the documents to Embassy/ Designated Centre.*
Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).
Regular updates about status.
Professional guidance.

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VISA consultant Flyjos provides professional consultancy services to Indian applicants for applying Belgium VISA. Belgium is part of Schengen 26 countries where a VISA holder can visit Belgium and rest of the countries with this VISA. It must be noted that Belgium VISA or common Schengen VISA must not have any restriction defined on it. Indian national get the complete information about Belgium VISA application, procedure to file VISA application, Information about Bio-metric and related information from Team Flyjos. Our team shall guide about step-by-step information about this VISA application process. Team shall also provide other important details like Documents to be provided with application, Application Form, etc.

Data mining and IT team at Flyjos made best efforts to put details of documents requirement with Belgium VISA application (for Indian Citizens) and all related information associated with application on a single platform. Motto is to maintain symmetry of information at one platform. Applicant for Belgium VISA can get the precise information about Type of VISA/ respective procedure and further method of application before proceeding for Belgium VISA application.

Further, terms and rules/ documents/ conditions associated with respective VISA application need to be appreciated by applicant so that all required information shall to be provided with VISA application. For any other details like Photo size, Embassy address, cost of VISA application, fee, Submission and collection timings, Bio-metric requirement etc., applicants can get information either from this website or by contacting Team Flyjos. Team of experts at Flyjos shall assist the Indian applicant to understand the process, selecting right VISA type and shall guide about documents requirement w.r.t. applicant financial and personal credentials. Further Team shall assist in scrutiny of documents and shall assist him/ her to understand the basic rules/ guidelines as prescribed by Embassy/ consulates. Team Flyjos work within the ambit of rules/ regulation defined by statutory authorities and only provides professional consultancy to its clients within India.