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Hard Copy submission/ Sticker VISA

Processing Time: 3-4 working days

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Please read T&C.

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  • Type, category of visa and duration of stay are determined/confirmed by the Embassy.
  • Type and category of visa vary according to the purpose of visit, length of stay and bilateral arrangement with the country of the foreign national.

  • VISA Fee is NIL for Indian citizens.

Documents for Business VISA:
  • Valid passport (with at least 6 months validity after the scheduled return) with at least two empty pages. Copy of Previous passports, if any, must be enclosed.
  • Application form to be filled in completely and signed by the applicant. (Note: Online form, need to take printout after fill up)
  • Two recent (not older than six months) passport-size photograph in color with white background. (3.7 cm / 3.7 cm), in matte finish having 80% face size.
  • Proof of purpose of the visit: evidence of accommodation, e.g. Hotel reservation or confirmation of organized tour.
  • A document certifying that you have been given leave from your job during the period you intend to visit.
  • Proof of funds for stay/ Evidence of source of Financial support such as: Bank excerpts for 06 months (certified from Bank)
  • Tentative flight itineraries/air-ticket reservation.
  • Cover letter (Company Letterhead) explaining the purpose of the trip and business relation with the Bangladesh business partner (letter must confirm identity of applicant, place and period of intended stay).
  • Invitation letter from the Bangladesh Company mentioning the details of the meeting, applicant.

* Currently we are providing Free pick and drop of documents in selected areas/ cities (Delhi/ NCR). Please contact Customer care to check if free pick/ drop service available for your location. We are shorlty making our presence in all major Indian cities.

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