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Terms and Conditions:


M/s Flyjos Travefy Holidays Limited (hereby referred as FLYJOS) is an independent agency providing consultancy services to client regarding VISA process and helps them to understand various rules defined by respective Embassy. We are neither affiliated to any government agency nor are we claiming for any such relationship. Our role limited to assist the client in his/ her effort for getting VISA from Embassy of respective country. Its Embassy`s prerogative to to award VISA or not thereby FLYJOS is not making any commitment regarding VISA grant.

Visa application requirements: (documentation)

1. The applicant needs to ensure that all documents as per Embassy requirement to be provided to FLYJOS at the time of entering into agreement with FLYJOS for availing consultancy services from later. 2. In line with Embassy requirement, Original and/ or Xerox of document shall be demanded by FLYJOS. The xerox documents submitted to FLYJOS must be true copy of original and FLYJOS shall subsequently submit the same to respective Embassy/ consulate/ designated place. FLYJOS shall not hold any responsibility of trueness of documents submitted by applicant. 3. The client must possess original Passport issued by Govt. of India authorities. 4. It is the client's responsibility to provide all required information and documentation concerning an application to FLYJOS. This may include (but not limited to) documentation from third parties (such as partners, family, employers, sponsors, assessment bodies, educational bodies, etc). If the required documentation does not meet with the requirements of FLYJOS checklist (documents as required by embassy) for the visa application, FLYJOS retains the right not to lodge that visa application until it shall receive all of the required information/ documentation in order to do so. 5. The Certain documentation required for a visa application may be valid for a certain period of time and become invalid thereafter for example Medical Certificate, Skills assessment (as prescribed by Embassy), Police clearance reports. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the documentation provided to Digital India IPL shall remain valid during the entire VISA process through Embassy and subsequent period as per Embassy requirement. 6. The documents as listed here are the requirement of respective Embassy and applicant is required to submit all the details/ documents based on applicant`s credential. Embassy may ask for additional document(s) which shall to be provided by applicant. 7. The details/ documents provided by candidate shall be kept secure and in safe custody. However, in any case, maximum liability of FLYJOS is up to the consultancy fees submitted or INR 10,000 (whichever is less). Consequential damages, if any, shall not be liability of FLYJOS. 8. FLYJOS reserves the right to decline processing of documents for any reason, including but not limited to incomplete documentation, insufficient processing time, or unusual circumstances. No claim in this regards shall be entertained by applicant. 9. FLYJOS holds right to not provide/ terminate/ withdraw services to any applicant without notice and without citing any reason.

Payment Process:

10. Fees once submitted to Embassy shall not be refunded in any case. By availing the services of FLYJOS, applicant confirms to accept this condition. 11. For VISA fees/ any other fees as per Embassy rules, FLYJOS shall provide receipt to the applicant. 12. In case, during the VISA process, any laws, Rules and regulations or any statutory Taxes and/ or duties shall be updated by an concerned authority (Embassy/ Govt.),same shall be informed to applicant by FLYJOS. Applicant acknowledges that he/she shall be responsible for payment of any additional fees (as notified by statutory law) that may be required to facilitate the visa application by embassy. In such case, all fees shall to be submitted on actual only and FLYJOS shall provide receipt of same from concerned authority/ Embassy. 13. Applicant need to submit 100% of embassy fee + any additional charges required by the embassy, If required and FLYJOS consultancy service fee, at the time of documents submission. The case shall only be processed further after realization of this fee. 14. Wherever the Embassy fees/ any other fee shall be payable in foreign currency, based on Exchange rate variation, actual payment made by FLYJOS may differ from the payment charged by applicant for this purpose. The difference, if any, shall either be returned or charged additional from the applicant. 15. The FLYJOS will provide payment receipt for online as well as for offline payment. Any additional charges sought by Embassy during the entire process shall be to applicant`s account. 16. Our consultancy fee may change based on country/ applicant case/ location/ time period/ VISA Type/ or any other factor as decided by FLYJOS Management. However, the prevailing fee structure shall be appraised to applicant before initiating the process. In case the fee structure shall revise in between the process (after submission of FLYJOS consultancy fee by applicant), applicant shall be charged only the amount as agreed to him/ her. 17. Except for the case(s) mentioned by any Embassy, applicants are being advised not to purchase Air-tickets, Hotel Bookings and any other commitment/ expenditure pertaining to his/ her foreign visit, until VISA (VISAs, where applicant accompanying dependent) have been obtained. FLYJOS shall not hold any responsibility in this regards.

Payment method:

18. Payment can be made through following mode: NEFT/ RTGS/ Bank Transfer/ DD/ Cheque/ Cash. Baased on update technologies, FTHL shall introduce more methods to facilitate the applicants/ customer.

Refund policy:

19. In case if the candidate couldn`t secure VISA due to reason attributable to FLYJOS (only), a part of consultancy fees submitted to FLYJOS shall be refunded to applicant. VISA fees once submitted to Embassy shall not be refunded in any case. 20. For the clause above, the onus lies with applicant to prove that reason of not getting VISA/ rejection of VISA is attributable to FLYJOS (only). 21. The refund shall be made within 7 working days and through Cheque only. The decision of FLYJOS shall be final and binding in this case. 22. Once the applicant undergoes into agreement with FLYJOS to avail consultancy Service from FLYJOS and hence submitted fees (part or full), applicant need to proceed to fulfil his/ her obligation towards submission of all required documents and balance payment to FLYJOS. In case applicant don`t want to proceed with the case due to any reason, fees submitted shall not be refunded in any case. However, as a look-up period, applicant can revive the same case within 4 months (maximum) from date of submission of fees (first instalment). Any revision in FLYJOS consultancy charges (meanwhile) shall not be charged extra from applicant. However, in case of any revision in Embassy fees or Embassy fees need to be submitted again (in part or full), same shall be to applicant`s account.

Time process:

23. Applicant need to submit the required document at the earliest possible time to make FLYJOS submit documents to Embassy for processing the VISA case. Any delay in providing documents shall subsequently delay the VISA process and validity of any document may expire. FLYJOS shall not hold any responsibility regarding validity of document and any delay at applicant`s part in providing document. Till the time all documents shall be provided by applicant to FLYJOS, FLYJOS shall not submit the case to Embassy. 24. FLYJOS shall ensure to submit the entire document to Embassy/ consulate/ designated location (By Embassy) immediately after receipt of all documents and VISA fee. However, based on circumstances beyond our control, submission may be getting delayed. Client need to take enough margins (of days) considering this factor. 25. The time period as informed by FLYJOS for any VISA process shall be tentative only and based on prevailing conditions and time frame as informed by Embassy. However, the process may get delay due to reason not attributable to FLYJOS. Applicant shall not make any claim in this regards. 26. In case of any delay in providing VISA or rejection of VISA by Consulate/ Embassy, FLYJOS shall not be responsible for any loss and/ or consequential damages to applicant in this regards. In addition, FLYJOS shall not be responsible for: (a) Any false information provided by applicant during application process. (b) Any consequential damages due to any delays (in getting VISA) or in case of non-issuance (or rejection of VISA) by Embassy. (c) For any cost incurred by client if his personal appearance is mandatory to Embassy/ consulate etc. for Biometric/ submission/ collection of documents/ interview etc.

VISA related Information:

27. It is the applicant’s responsibility to familiarizes him/ her with VISA terms and conditions, as notified by Embassy from time to time (before/after obtaining the VISA for any country). 28. It is the Applicant’s responsibility to honor rules and regulation associated with VISA granted to applicant. 29. FLYJOS shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused due to incorrect VISA, incorrect details and Typographical mistakes on VISA by an Embassy/ Consulate issuing the VISA. FLYJOS shall arrange to make it correct through embassy on priority basis. Any additional Embassy fee/ charges, if any, for such correction, shall be to applicant account. Applicant to note that any loss/ delay due to such cases or any consequential damages pertaining to this delay/ loss shall not be to FLYJOS account.

Return of Passport:

30. Wherever passport shall be submitted to Embassy/ Authorized agency, same shall be returned only after the complete process. FLYJOS has not right to call it back in between the process. In particular case(s), applicant need to approach directly to Embassy/ Authorized agent, with any such request. 31. At the time of returning Passport (With VISA/ Without VISA), it shall be responsibility of client to check the correctness of documents (Passport and/ or VISA) (including any inadvertent mistake on VISA by Embassy) and to immediately inform the same to FLYJOS in case of any discrepancy. 32. The applicant needs to check that the validity of VISA granted in line with the request made to Embassy. However, Embassy has exclusive right to grant VISA for validity as per their rules and regulations. 33. In case of any discrepancy, same must be brought into FLYJOS notice on immediate basis though any valid channel of communication.

Authentication of Information Provided :

34. In case of any false/ incorrect information provided by applicant, VISA may be get cancelled by Embassy at any point in time. In such cases FLYJOS will not be liable for any loss, grievances, any liabilities or any other outcomes suffered by the applicant. Further, FLYJOS can initiate legal process against applicant. Others: 35. Applicant (Person submitting case on behalf of Applicant) agrees that FLYJOS can keep the applicant updated about the process/ any change in VISA T&C/ any updated information about FLYJOS services, to applicant, via telephonic call /e-mail / SMS / letter or via social networking. By signing this document, applicant agreed that SMS and phone calls pertaining to services of FLYJOS shall not fall under the ‘Do Not Disturb’ rule of TRAI.


36. FLYJOS TRAVEFY HOLIDAYS LIMITED is a Limited company providing consultancy services for VISA Stamping, in line with guidelines issued by respective country Government/ its Embassy in India, from time to time. FLYJOS is neither associated with any government department nor with Department of immigration, India. 37. We are not providing VISA for employment to any country. By availing services from FLYJOS in response to any marketing method used by FLYJOS, it is deemed that applicant has carefully read and understood all the above mentioned Terms and conditions (on the company website) and subsequently accepts and confirms the same before availing any services from FLYJOS.